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Including Australian Opal Watches & Jewellery = Real Australian "Bolder" Opal - Faced Watches

Your Authentic Authorised Global supplier of


& RARE - Unique - Quality - Specialty ITEMS !

As we are running out of our RARE Australian "BOLDER" Opal Faced Watches we are introducing useful Watches with a Purpose including Heart Monitors, Altitude, Steps, DEEP Water Resistant plus other Global Trending Products Direct
with unique Fashion Accessories Jewellery, Sunglasses and more to come So keep Up To Date with our Products Pages

Including our last remaining stocks of RARE Opal "TIME" Capsules in the form of Real Australian Opal Watches & Jewellery Investment Pieces! 

Opal is thought to be 60 - 120 million years old. The basis of this from opalized fossils found which were known to be from the Cretaceous Period.